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Pointwise User Group Meeting – 2014

Jeremy Shipman will be representing Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc. at the 2014 Pointwise User Group Meeting. His talk is titled, “Computational Aeroacoustic Analyses for Military Aircraft Applications.” The presentation will be held on Thursday, October 30th at 3:15PM PDT.

This presentation will highlight recent activities at CRAFT Tech involving the computational simulation of military aircraft aeroacoustic applications. Cases involving the prediction and reduction of jet noise, coupled simulation of structural loads on a jet blast deflector, and the analysis of aeroacoustic loads on weapons bay doors will be presented. In these cases additional computational tools are required such as thermal conduction models, farfield acoustic solvers, and coupled fluid-structural dynamics to fully analyze the aircraft system being studied. In each of these cases, the physics of the problem place strict requirements on grid quality and resolution. The cases presented will showcase the advanced grid generation tools provided by Pointwise for both structured multi-block and hybrid unstructured topologies, along with the integration of flow solvers and computational models required for the analysis.


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