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Compressor Benchmark

A 3.5 stage axial compressor analysis corresponding to an experimental study at RWTH Aachen University was performed with CRUNCH CFD. The case involved coupled solver modules for each of the seven rows: inlet guide vane (IGV) and three rotor/stator rows. The rotor modules were calculated in a rotating frame of reference, while the IGV and stator modules were calculated in a stationary frame of reference. The results of the calculation compare very well to the measurements.

Steady State Calculation Details:

  • Seven coupled solver modules with mixing plane interface between modules
  • Implicit time-marching Gauss-Seidel Solver
  • k-ε turbulence model with wall-functions

Comparison of Results with measurements:

  • Other CFD codes predict separation on the outlet guide vane (OGV) stator blades
  • CRUNCH CFD® correctly predicted that the flow stays attached
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