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CRUNCH CFD was used identify chattering issue in a pressure regulator valve for NASA. A hybrid RANS-LES simulation was performed to resolve the instability in the valve. The fluid simulation was coupled to structural motion to identify the dominant chatter frequency. Poppet motion was analyzed with forced vibration and spring damper models.

The valve in question chatters during certain operating conditions. The structural complexity of the geometry and consequently the complex flow path associated with the pressure regulator valve made it particularly suitable for using CRUNCH CFD’s multi-physics framework. The complicated flow paths and tight clearances result in flowfield regions having a variety of length and time scales, as well as diverse flow regimes from low Mach number flow to supersonic flow. CRAFT Tech engineers performed a dynamic, fluid-structure simulation using CRUNCH CFD’s hybrid RANS-LES model, along with mesh motion.

Mesh Motion

Mach Number Distribution

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