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Highly Qualified Staff

25+ years of experience

Wide range of expertise

Recognized leaders in the field

Significant in-house computing resources

Strong relationships with customers

CRAFT Tech has a highly qualified staff who have worked together for 25+ years gaining deep experience in wide range of technical areas. CRAFT Tech’s simulation expertise ranges from high altitude aerodynamics with mixed continuum/rarified flows for problems such as satellite surface heating and contamination to underwater submarine hydrodynamics and propulsor simulations. CRAFT Tech personnel are recognized leaders in the industry and have developed cutting edge simulation methodologies in areas including:

jet and missile plumes

aircraft exhaust noise modeling


turbulent scalar fluctuation models for high speed combustion

cavitation instabilities in cryogenic turbopumps

evolutionary algorithms for global design optimization

transient valve start-up and shut down

supercritical cryogenic combustion


We have significant in-house computing resources to perform simulations in a timely manner for consulting projects. Our hardware include AMD and Intel processors with over 2000 computing cores, as well as GPU workstations with high-end graphic cards. All clusters operate on the latest Infiniband interconnect technology for the most efficient inter-node communication to reach optimal computational power and efficiency. The data center is supported by a 150-kilowatt power generator back-up and UPS to prevent data loss in case of power failure.

Proudly supporting major companies in diverse industries including:

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