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An unstructured Navier-Stokes multi-physics simulation solver for analyzing complex flow problems in a modular framework with specialized fluid and thermal solvers.

CRUNCH CFD features an advanced multiphase formulation with generalized non-ideal equations of state, unsteady hybrid LES/RANS models, far-field acoustic propagation modules, and advanced chemistry tools for modeling reacting flows. In addition, moving body problems are solved with a combination of grid deformation with localized grid remeshing. CRUNCH CFD is also highly scalable for large-scale computing.

CFD Heatex

Multi-Physics Simulation

  • Ideal for incompressible/”weakly compressible” multiphase flows
  • Cryogenic fluid modeling capability
  • Advanced cavitation models that account for thermal/evaporative cooling effects on liquid
  • 6-DOF dynamic body motion
  • Robust tools for modeling rotating turbomachinery, including mixing plane and frozen rotor (steady), as well as sliding interfaces (unsteady)
  • All-speed flow solver for compressible fluid mixtures
  • Non-ideal, real fluid EOS for gas/liquid mixtures that can model near-critical flows and adiabatic compression of liquid
  • Chemistry manager for specifying species and reactions in Chemkin/Cantera formats
  • Advanced features for reacting flows including stiff chemistry solver, ISAT, and laminar Flamelet model
  • 6-DOF dynamic body motion
  • Robust tools for modeling rotating turbomachinery, including mixing plane and frozen rotor (steady), as well as sliding interfaces (unsteady)
  • 3D heat conduction solver
  • Generalized fluid-thermal boundary conditions for parallel computing of coupled solid-fluid domains

Advanced Modeling Capabilities

Roughness Modeling

A displaced boundary method with extensive validation. Surface roughness values can be independently specified for each viscous surface.

Phase Change Models

Homogeneous equilibrium models and heterogeneous non-equilibrium frameworks available

Advanced EoS Modeling

Options available for cubic SRK Eos or table look up using NIST database.

Chemical Kinetic Modeling

Choose between finite rate modeling, laminar Flamlet model with heat loss, and Flamelet Generated Manifold modeling options using our built-in chemical kinetic models or user-specified kinetics with the seamlessly integrated Cantera Toolkit.

Mesh Movement

A generalized node movement scheme for the simulation of arbitrary dynamic, multi-body flows using a PDE based solver or an algebraic solver.

Design Optimization

CRUNCH CFD can be coupled with a genetic algorithm procedure and automatic grid remeshing to provide improved designs for large scale systems.

Pre and Post-Processing Utilities

CRUNCH CFD comes with PRECRUNCH and POSTCRUNCH. Our preprocessing utility supports multiple mesh file formats. Our postprocessing utility can export to multiple solution formats including EnSight, Tecplot, ParaView, and FieldView.

User-Friendly GUI

The CRUNCH graphical user interface streamlines the setup process. Versions for Windows and Linux are available.

Computing Platforms

Available for cloud computing on Amazon EC2 and Oracle Cloud. Also available for Linux systems with MPI libraries for parallel computation.

Ideal for a wide range of problems including:

Supercritical CombustionCryogenic PumpsTurbines and CompressorsDroplets and SpraysInjectorsValves and Feed SystemsDesign OptimizationExternal AerodynamicsHeat Transfer

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