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Upcoming Webinar With Pointwise: Design Optimization of a Big Wave Surfboard

CRAFT Tech’s Stephen Barr will be presenting his design optimization work in a webinar hosted by Pointwise. The live webinar will take place on Tuesday, April 25th, at 11AM EDT. Mr. Barr, along with Travis Carrigan from Pointwise, will discuss the various tools used to design a better-performing big wave surfboard, including CRUNCH CFD and CRAFT Tech’s design optimization framework.

Working with one of the world’s top big wave board shapers, engineers at CRAFT Tech have applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) within a design optimization process, employing a genetic algorithm to evolve the design of a big wave surfboard. By using the meshing tools provided by Pointwise, and automating the process using Glyph scripting, a large design space was explored to aerodynamically optimize the board’s leading edge design. In this webinar, we will examine the tools and the framework that allowed over 100 designs to be explored, resulting in a higher speed, lower drag big wave surfboard design.

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