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Recent CRAFT Tech Publications…

Two papers  presented at the 49th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit are:

1.  “Numerical Simulations of Instabilities in Single-Hole Orifice Elements,” by Vineet Ahuja, Ashvin Hosangadi, Matthew A. Hitt, and David M. Lineberry

An orifice element is commonly used in liquid rocket engine test facilities either as a flow metering device, a damper for acoustic resonance or to provide a large reduction in pressure over a very small distance in the piping system.


2.  “Transient Simulations of Rotordynamic Problems with Whirling Motion,”  by Chandrasekhar Kannepalli, Vineet Ahuja and Ashvin Hosangadi

A simulation framework based on the immersed boundary method (IBM) is proposed as a simple, efficient and viable solution strategy for the unsteady rotordynamic analysis of whirling shaft problems.

Displacement and Force Vector Orbits of the seal/shaft with an elliptical orbit of shaft motion.


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