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CRUNCH CFD Version 3.4.2 Released

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CRAFT Tech has officially released CRUNCH CFD® v3.4.2. Please go to the Download page to access the latest versions of both the CFD code and the GUI.

New Features

  1. Added MIT boiling model for cryogenic fluids
  2. CRUNCH GUI: added capability to run CRUNCH simulations within the GUI

Minor Updates

  1. Updated CRUNCH Python scripts to be compatible with both Python2 and Python3
  2. For parallel PRECRUNCH, a new PRECRUNCH file will be written out if new tags were created
    to retag non-hex elements on viscous walls as slip walls
  3. Added consistency check to ensure saturation curves exist if using a NIST table with phase
    change (ICAVITATION=1)
  4. Added error output message if P_ZONE or T_ZONE = 0 in a PROPZONE
  5. Added error message if CSMAX = 0 for variable Schmidt number
  6. Updated THERMO.DAT: Fixed C2H6 enthalpy of formation error and added CH3OH, CH3OO,
    C2H3, HCCO, CH2CO, CH3CO
  7. CRUNCH GUI: added solution plotting slice capability

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug in the procedure to compute average w-vel in the Qbar routines
  2. Fixed minor trace point bugs related to file handling
  3. Fixed bug for total enthalpy plot variable calculation: velocity incorrectly calculated in
    rotational frame
  4. Fixed bug where NMAX did not always update in the input file after user changes value in GUI
  5. Fixed bug where thermal module variable model data files were named incorrectly (GUI)
  6. Fixed bug not allowing for more than one convective flux BC in THERMAL modules (GUI)
  7. Fixed reinit_zone flag bug being set to true when opening existing project (GUI)
  8. Wall data files are now correctly downloaded from the remote server (GUI)
  9. Fixed bug not allowing user to change turbulence model in INCOMP modules (GUI)
  10. Files listed in &BODIES > MOV_PROFILE are now uploaded to the remote system when
    present (GUI)
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