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CRAFT Tech Wins ANSYS 2016 Hall of Fame Competition

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Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc. (CRAFT Tech) was just named a corporate winner of the 2016 Hall of Fame Competition by ANSYS. Dr. William Calhoon of our Huntsville office led the project to develop an advanced, computationally efficient turbulent combustion model for large-eddy simulation (LES) of aircraft and power system gas turbine combustors. For more information on the linear-eddy model to the counter flow configuration (LEM-CF), please take a look at our previously-featured blog post.

ANSYS 2016 Hall of Fame Competition

Accurate modeling of flame extinction and blow-out effects in aircraft propulsion and power generation systems involves strong interactions of flow turbulence with flame dynamics. ANSYS Fluent was used in a large-eddy simulation of a series of piloted, partially premixed flames. This study succeeded in capturing flame temperature suppression due to local flame extinction, and in predicting the global blow-out limit.


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