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2015 Propulsion Energy Conference

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Several representatives from CRAFT Tech will be participating and presenting at the 51st AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, July 27-29 in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Vineet Ahuja will be chairing the Propellant Storage and Management sessions I and II on Monday and Wednesday.

Dr. Kevin Brinckman will present “Impinging Fuel Injector Atomization and Combustion Modeling” on Monday, July 27th at 9AM.

CRAFT Tech has implemented an impingement breakup methodology in CRUNCH CFD® which predicts liquid sheet formation, breakup, and droplet formation for impinging liquid doublet injectors. The droplets generated at the sheet edge are tracked in a dispersed Eulerian particle phase which has submodels available to predict droplet secondary breakup and vaporization of the liquid to the gaseous phase where combustion occurs. This framework provides a fully coupled CFD combustor methodology which captures the physics involved in both the primary and dispersed phases from liquid fuel injection through combustion for both like and unlike doublet injectors.

Dr. Andrea Zambon will present “Extension of the Laminar Flamelet Model to Account for Wall Heat Losses in Rocket Engine Combustor Simulations” on Monday, July 27th at 11AM.

The flamelet model in the CRUNCH CFD® flow solver has been recently enhanced with an extension to account for wall heat losses. This enhanced formulation has been extensively applied to rocket chamber flows and enables the acceleration of steady-state coupled H2/O2 or CH4/O2 combustion, heat-transfer and cooling CFD simulations. The primary advantage of utilizing the laminar flamelet model over more approximate approaches like global chemistry is that combustor simulations can be run with increased robustness and with reduced turn-around time while maintaining a sufficient level of solution fidelity.

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