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An Extended Low Order Model for Flight Simulation of Aerial Refueling Presented at AIAA AVIATION Forum 2022

CRAFT Tech recently presented an extended low order model for flight simulation of aerial refueling. Dr. Peter Cavallo presented at the AIAA AVIATION Forum 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.

Title: An Extended Low Order Model for Flight Simulation of Aerial Refueling

Paper Number: AIAA Paper 2022-4056

Authors: Peter Cavallo, Kyle Appel, Jeremy Shipman, and Michael O’Gara

Abstract: A low order Response Surface Model (RSM) which predicts the effects of a tanker wake on the trailing receiver aircraft during aerial refueling scenarios was extended towards the goal of production oriented piloted flight simulation. A 3D decay function was implemented to provide a suitable increment prediction for receiver positions that fall outside the response surface domain. A correction model was developed to account for changing flight conditions, which directly impact both the tanker wake and its effects on the receiver. Both capabilities are implemented in an Aerodynamic Interference Module (AIM) for the Navy’s CASTLE flight simulation environment. These modeling advances are demonstrated for an E-2D paired with large and small wing tankers, including MQ-25. An important element of the current work is the evaluation of the interference models by Navy pilots in the Manned Flight Simulator (MFS). Pilot feedback on the level of realism reproduced by the low order model is assessed for various receiver approach paths and wake surveys.

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