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Upcoming Conference – AHS Aeromechanics (Jan. 22-24, 2014)

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CRAFT Tech will be presenting at the upcoming AHS Aeromechanics Specialists’ Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Unsteady Blade Shape Optimization Toolkit for Rotorcraft
Vineet Ahuja, Chandrasekhar Kannepalli, and Andrea Zambon from CRAFT Tech and Mark Potsdam from US Army.

The presentation will discuss the application of:

[quote style=”boxed”]an unsteady design optimization framework to refine rotorcraft airfoil designs to delay the onset of stall, improve aerodynamic performance, and modify the lift cycle hysteresis. The unsteady optimization framework utilizes an evolutionary algorithm, automated shape deformation tool and a novel CFD-derived analysis methodology for evaluating the objective function. Shape optimization design studies have been carried out utilizing pitching airfoil configurations that are representative of the cyclic motion of rotor blades airfoils. The studies involve flow regimes with and without dynamic stall. In an effort to guide the designer, data in the design landscape is analyzed with the help of Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) to identify rules that help in generating shapes where the onset of stall has been delayed.[/quote]

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