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CRUNCH CFD Version 3.4.1 Released

CRAFT Tech has officially released CRUNCH CFD® v3.4.1. Please go to the Download page to access this latest version.

New Features

  • Parallel PRECRUNCH:
    1. Added viscous wall retagging to BC Tag 999 if non-hex/prism element is found adjacent to wall
    2. Added THERMAL flag to &PRECRUNCH to verify that all BC tags in THERMAL modules have at least one hex/prism layer
    3. Added GNU support
  • Expanded time-averaged plot variables: laminar viscosity, ratio of turbulent viscosity to laminar viscosity, and turbulent kinetic energy (COMP)
  • SP_OVERFL variable added to &FIXES for users to specify species overflow value (COMP)
  • SUBIN_PROFILE updated to only use values in profile to compute enforced inflow conditions. Variables in input file (TSTAG, PSTAG, RHOSUBIN, etc.) will be ignored and do not need to be present in input file starting with v3.4.1. Previous versions of CRUNCH used PSTAG and RHOSUBIN from the input file instead of computing them based on profile values. (COMP)
  • NIST Table support added for IFLUID= 2, -2, and -3 (GUI)
  • Added capability for users to add custom (non-GUI supported) variables or formats to any namelist (GUI). Variables must be consistent with CRUNCH CFD. Details in GUI manual Section 3.7
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