Turbulent Combustion Modeling Featured on Ansys Guest Blog

CRAFT Tech was recently tasked by its customers to develop an LES turbulence — chemistry interaction subgrid model to capture local extinction and blow-out effects that satisfied the following requirements:

  1. the model should be portable to commercial CFD flow solvers, and
  2. the model should be tractable for routine application within a system design cycle environment.

To satisfy the first requirement CRAFT Tech partnered with ANSYS to develop a user-defined-function (UDF) interface to implement the new model within Fluent. To satisfy the second requirement, CRAFT Tech adopted a database driven modeling approach. In this approach statistics from an advance turbulent combustion model are pre-computed and stored within a database. At run-time, the LES solver simply retrieves the required statistics in an efficient manner. Thereby, the formulation is tractable for routine application to industrial scale problems.

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